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- Robyn Yong

Earth Tones & Elegance

Where most describe the fields of grass as ‘dried up and dead’ from the summer’s sun, Ellenaj sees hills of gold swaying in the summer breeze. She invites you to bask in the simplicity of life and the joys of the outdoors. Whether hiking the trails at Whiskeytown Lake, stargazing atop Mount Lassen or picnicking beneath a large lone oak, Ellenaj welcomes you with her earth tones, whimsical personality, and offers the whole of each month’s content all on one beautiful page.

Ellenaj Template

A fully customizable, responsive, ready-to-launch membership website built on WordPress so that you keep full control of your content, on your wonderfully-branded website.

The GJ Experience

Launch in 30 days and make an impact

Ellenaj Template

A fully customizable, responsive, ready-to-launch membership website built on WordPress so that you keep full control of your content, on your wonderfully-branded website.

The GJ Experience

Launch in 30 days and make an impact

Ease + Efficiency

You know what's already awesome about your membership? It was birthed from a dream and passion inside you. A dream that is going to change and impact others' lives for the better. A passion that will leave you excited to get up every day.

People are already looking for what you're offering, and the GJ Experience will help you connect with those people quickly.

Template Features

Open up Ellenaj, use the drag & drop, insert your content and entice your members

Waitlist page

Build your list and know who is already tapping their toes waiting for your next launch by easily connecting your page to most commonly-used email service providers.

Sales page

A built-for-you sales page that is interchangeable with your waitlist page making it seamless for you to open and close your membership as you desire! 

Online course ready

Want a course inside your membership? Ellenaj is ready to host one or multiple courses, allowing you to vary the style of content you offer to your members.

Drag & drop site builder

No design skills, no problem. We meant it when we said, "skip the overwhelm." We've installed one of the best site builders there is which means you get to create your pages and content with ease.

Payment integration

Whether you open for enrollment two magical weeks per year or you're open 365, Ellenaj happily collects credit card payments for you via Stripe (a payment gateway). (Paypal may be added as a paid add-on.)

One-click backup solution

Your hard work is worth protecting! That's why Ellenaj comes with 24/7 security, monitoring your site for you. And those important backups? One easy click, and you're all set.

License updates for a full year

One year of premium license updates to keep your site up-to-date with the latest versions as they become available.

Easy to add functions

Ellenaj built on WordPress means you have the flexibility to grow your membership site by adding functionalities if and when you need them.


Is available through the
GJ Experience

The GJ Experience

What it is

A unique and fun 30 day experience guiding and equipping you to customize your membership site template.

Yes, we've infused fun into tech, brought life into the workbooks, and bring "computer talk" into normal life terms that even the most self-proclaimed "non-techy" can understand and follow.

So basically - it's one great 30-day experience!

It's saying sayonara to overwhelm and hello to saving time and money. Gone are the days of spending months (or years!) searching the web to learn how to build a site on your own, or hiring a designer - which will still take several months of back and forth while they try to catch the vision of what you actually want on your site.

It's the fun, easy-to-follow, shortcut to actually getting your incredible membership site live!

How it works

  • Follow the training sessions

    Follow a 30-minute training session, 5 days a week for 30 days (with access to replays), and complete your daily progress task

  • Participate in the GJ Layovers

    Get your questions answered during a weekly 1-hour live group support

  • Engage in the exclusive community group

    Build community, get group support and receive answers to your additional questions

  • Celebrate in the live GJ Touchdown

    At the completion of 30 days, showcase your site while we celebrate with you all you've accomplished

Next GJ Experience

GJ equips today's creatives to quickly & easily explore the world of membership sites with customizable templates, laughter and memorable experiences.

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