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- Robyn Yong

GJ equips today's creatives to quickly & easily explore the world of membership sites with customizable templates, guidance, laughter and memorable experiences.

Each of our templates are themed around the idea of travel. From the titles to the descriptions, we want to journey and travel with you, to enable you to travel, literally and metaphorically.

Travel increases our passion and compassion. Our palette expands. New friendships are formed and others are strengthened. It is travel, and stories of travel, that enrich us and bring more life and color into our experience of the world.

Flexibility& independence

The membership business model offers time flexibility and location independence. Because of this, exploring new horizons is often what is on the minds of today's creatives. That is why we offer membership site templates shared through the wondrous lens of travel.

Nevertheless, even if travel is not your desire, or you’re currently prohibited for any reason, we're honored to travel with you on this journey of customizing your incredible membership site, as you journey toward pursuing your membership dreams.

What an honor to help you create your membership site.


The GJ Experience

What it is

A unique and fun 30 day experience guiding and equipping you to customize your membership site template.

Yes, we've infused fun into tech, brought life into the workbooks, and bring "computer talk" into normal life terms that even the most self-proclaimed "non-techy" can understand and follow.

So basically - it's one great 30-day experience!

It's saying sayonara to overwhelm and hello to saving time and money. Gone are the days of spending months (or years!) searching the web to learn how to build a site on your own, or hiring a designer - which will still take several months of back and forth while they try to catch the vision of what you actually want on your site.

It's the fun, easy-to-follow, shortcut to actually getting your incredible membership site live!

How it works

  • Follow the training sessions

    Follow a 30-minute training session, 5 days a week for 30 days (with access to replays), and complete your daily progress task

  • Participate in the GJ Layovers

    Get your questions answered during a weekly 1-hour live group support

  • Engage in the exclusive community group

    Build community, get group support and receive answers to your additional questions

  • Celebrate in the live GJ Touchdown

    At the completion of 30 days, showcase your site while we celebrate with you all you've accomplished

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Georges ~ Jazz-loving, tech wizard

Happy when I explore new horizons and push my own limits, I believe that when you put your heart to it, you can overcome obstacles and make magic happen. Love everything that bring emotions - music, flying airplanes, amazing food & wine, beautiful design, teaching...


Janelle ~ Adventure-loving, word slinger

My heart is happy when planning and experiencing adventures, teaching, hosting friends and exploring the outdoors. Sunrise is my happy hour, kombucha is my drink, and thoughtfulness is my language. I'm a cat mom, Jesus-lover, ice cream connoisseur and creative cook.

Explore our current templates



Where most describe the fields of grass as ‘dried up and dead’ from the summer’s sun, Ellenaj sees hills of gold swaying in the summer breeze. She invites you to bask in the simplicity of life and the joys of the outdoors. Whether hiking the trails at Whiskeytown Lake, stargazing atop Mount Lassen or picnicking beneath a large lone oak, Ellenaj welcomes you with her earth tones, whimsical personality, and offers the whole of each month’s content all on one beautiful page.


Segroeg is known for his charm, sophistication, kindness, and smiles that last for miles. Whether joining him for a stroll on the cobblestone streets of Lyon, a sunny drive through the Alps or a glass of wine at the local French jazz club, you’ll find yourself captivated with Segroeg’s stories of travel, his sleek and modern design, and his enthusiastic delivery of each month’s content on one classy page.


Jersey Grove

When you hang out in Jersey Grove, you feel right at home. Whether taking a walk on the trails or paddleboarding around the lake, you’ll find wisdom, space to process, questions you need to be asked and a compassionate yet no-fluff approach to helping you grow into the best version of yourself. Jersey Grove’s dedication and loyalty for you to make progress and feel like family is fierce. That’s why she equips you with a course, a shop for the tools you need, and a forms and checklist area to help you track your progress.


Harnessing the ease and beauty of authentically showing up and pouring into your community with live videos, we bring you Pacific. Inspired by California’s Pacific coast with its array of blue tones, relaxed vibes, scenic cliff-hugging roads, oak-studded hills, invitations for adventure, sharp drop-offs, mountains that plunge into the ocean and the instant refresh it infuses into your being, “Pacific” can perfectly reflect the uniqueness of your personality. Relax with the ease of scheduling, launching and then uploading the zoom replays with just a few button clicks.


Blue Chocolate

Your grandmother's biscuits and gravy, your mum's crepes, your dad's photography. Blue Chocolate encompasses the heart and passion of those gifts joyfully shared with all who were gathered. Blue Chocolate's greatest delight as you reflect on your memories of those times shared, with your senses ignited, is for you to joyfully pass on the tradition, the magic, and keep alive the passion and gifts you've been given.

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GJ equips today's creatives to quickly & easily explore the world of membership sites with customizable templates, workshops, laughter and memorable experiences.

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