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GJ Tech Tip – The 10 no-brainer steps to resize images

“Beauty without expression is boring” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Having properly sized images impacts both the aesthetics and, with time, how well your membership site functions.

When it comes to images on your site, there are a few assumptions we feel safe in making on behalf of, well… everyone.

  • We all like beautiful pictures
  • From taking an image and then putting it on a site -- there are things to consider (dimension, resolution, how much space a particular image takes…). And shoot, just looking at that short list can feel overwhelming
  • It’s never been easier to capture images. The vast majority of us are walking around our every day with cameras in our pockets, backpacks, or adventure bags by way of cell phone. Whether using a cell phone, “actual” camera, or downloading an image from the plethora found on the web, it can be a struggle to get #allthethings right

Now that we’ve covered assumptions, let’s talk about some of the options we have to get those images “just right.”

There are many different tools available to use. Ranging from free and clunky to sophisticated and basically checking your ID at the door for proof of your PhD in order to use the software. The struggle is real. And really, who has time for all that?!

Now that we’ve conjured up some painful memories of too many hours spent hitting your head on a wall in attempt to acquire said Phd, let’s collectively take some deep breaths and get out the party hats…


Because we’ve discovered the image tech tip that’s about to rock your world.

What if there was ONE tool to rock your image-preparing world?

What if it was easy to use, even for even those just beginning in the online and membership space?

What if there was a free and easy tool that allowed you to get your images to the perfect size every time, and quickly?

That’s riiiiight - the perfect image, every single time.

Every single time?

Every. Single. Time.

It’s like a guarantee to win the 1st place blue ribbon at the science fair - just for showing up! And you’re not even cheating!

Friends of GJ, meet Canva. Canva, meet all of GJ’s favorite followers.


You mean… CANVA?

Yeah! Canva!!

Okay, ready? Here’s how it goes…

  • Step 1: get your favorite images
  • Step 2: create a free Canva account (thank you, dear Canva)
  • Step 3: Select that magical teal button in the upper right that says, “Create a Design”
  • Step 4: Click on the “+ Custom dimensions” at the very top of that dropdown menu
  • Step 5: Enter in the dimensions needed - you want square, rectangle, oblong… they got it all
    ...watch in awe as your perfectly-sized blank white canvas appears practically begging you to create magic...
  • Step 6: Upload your favorite images into the UPLOAD section
  • Step 7: Select the image(s) you want in that dimension you’ve indicated
  • Step 8: adjust the corners of the image to fill the entirety of the canvas
  • Step 9: Back to the upper right corner click the download icon (next to where it says, “Present”), change the file type to JPG, and then download
  • Step 10:: As the Frenchman would say, “et voila”

There you have it, just 10 magical steps -- and dare we say it’s also, FUN?

Yes, yes we dare.

Ten magical, easy, and fun steps for perfectly-sized images.

Happy image-ing.

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